About: Harborage Referendum

The Harborage Marina at Bayboro is requesting a lease amendment from the City of St. Petersburg, at no cost to the City or taxpayers, to minimally expand the area of its submerged land lease with the City and extend its term to 30 years, which was the provision of the last referendum.

Dear Fellow Residents of St. Petersburg,

This year on November 6th we are faced with a very long ballot full of important offices and amendments, but we can’t forget on page 4 of the ballot there are 2 referendum items specifically for St. Petersburg residents. I am writing you concerning the last item which has to do with the Harborage Marina’s request to minimally expand the area of its submerged land lease with the city and to extend its term to the original 30 years previously allowed on the last referendum.

The Harborage Marina has been a perfect example on what is capable when a city and a private company work together for almost 4 decades. It provides a first-class marina to the city without any taxpayer participation while delivering an economic windfall to the city and all those who do business there. As of this moment there are over 180 independent contractors who conduct business in one way or another be it servicing and maintaining the boats or the marina itself.

With the addition of the Mega Yacht docks allowed in the last referendum in 2004 our city became the only city on the West Coast of Florida capable of offering a full-service facility for these boats which up until now were limited to the East Coast marinas. The lease of the submerged land for the mega yacht docks as well as the rest of the marina will net the city more than $370,000.00 in 2018.

The additional land will allow the building of a 200-foot breakwater floating dock which will serve to not only moor additional boats but a wave attenuator to calm the entire basin. The addition has received the approval and support of the Coast Guard as well as USFSP and various neighbors. This addition as well as the upgrading of the power and plumbing of the existing fixed breakwater will exceed over $2,000,000.00 with NO expense to the taxpayers of St. Petersburg. Much of the work will be done with St. Petersburg based companies like Marinetek and EMP Industries to further stimulate our economy.

Below is an image of the proposed expansion map where the red dotted lines mark the existing boundaries and the blue one marks the proposed one as well as a copy of the referendum itself. We hope your association and its members will support this referendum on November 6th.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns. I am available to speak to you in person. For additional information on the Harborage Marina, please visit: HarborageMarina.com


Mario Farias

CEO/Managing Partner

FCG/Farias Consulting Group


433 Central Avenue Suite 400

Saint Petersburg, FL 33701

(727) 877 8173 Office

(727) 641 9886 Cell


Expertise and Contacts That Opens Doors and Creates Opportunities

(2018-2-20) 17-0092 HM PROPOSED SLL REV2

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4 thoughts on “About: Harborage Referendum


    Kindly respond to these questions:

    1) When did 30 year lease begin?
    2) Provide financial detail to support the statement, ‘Net the City $370,000 in 2018. What about subsequent years of the lease.
    3) Upgrade existing power and plumbing in excess of $2,000,000. Might these expenses be part of item 2 above?

    While your narrative is positive, very light on the details.


    1. mgdf1957

      Good afternoon!

      Thank you for reaching out about the referendum. We didn’t want to bore everyone with the fine details but are always willing to answer any specific questions and of course all is public information for the most part.

      1. The current lease which was also approved by the voters went into effect in 2007 and still has 19 years remaining. The extension is to amortize the proposed investment as well as the ones made in the past to not interrupt the level of services to the Marina members and allow it to be a first class operation.
      2. The current lease provides for the Harborage ownership to pay the city 15% of gross slip rentals. This amount is paid monthly and must be accompanied with the ledger of all slip rentals received. Again these payments are based on the gross amount and have nothing to do with the operational expenses of the Marina which the city plays no part in paying. The $370,000 number is an estimate based on our slip rentals so far this year. All the previous years amounts are available through the City’s Real Estate department as part of public record. The contacts there are either Alfred or Ava.
      3. The new dock and reconfiguration of the existing breakwater dock requires new power, plumbing and sanitation. The existing systems are either non existent or not adequate. That price also includes the construction of the new wave attenuating dock but does not include the remodeling and expansion of the existing restrooms.

      The Harborage spends 100’s of Thousands of Dollars annually on maintenance and the upgrading of the existing marina in order to insure the safety and comfort of our marina members and guests. Not a single dollar of taxpayer funds has ever been spent on its building or operation, not even the cost of this referendum. Were it not the need for the additional dock to calm the basin we wouldn’t be asking for the extension at this time but the city charter requires it because it involves submerged land. It is my opinion that this should be a model of all private/public partnerships. It is a responsible way to provide needed services to the public without taxing the entire public for the few that do use it.

      I hope this answers all your questions and we have earned your yes vote. If you have any other questions please feel free to reach out to me. I also would gladly give you a personal tour of our facilities for you to better understand it.

      Again thank you for your interest in the Harborage Referendum.

      Mario Farias
      727 641 9886


  2. Michael Fulton

    The proposed new dock is outlined in green. The green line continues to the south and off the map and up Salt Creek. Please advise the extent of that expansion and what is planned for that area.


    1. mgdf1957

      That green line to the south is property owned by Duke Energy which is leased to the Harborage where the public pump out station is located as well as a platform which houses the marina’s restrooms. There are plans to remodel those bathrooms which is in addition to the proposed cost of of the new dock and replacement of the electrical service and plumbing on the fixed breakwater. Since it is private property this just requires standard city building department approval. The rest of the creek is privately owned by several companies including the Marina. There are future plans to remove all the docks that stick out into the creek on the north side and replace them with side tie docks to decrease the intrusion into the creek and increase boating safety. This doesn’t require anything other than the approval of the Army Corp of Engineers, Pinellas County and St. Petersburg Building Department.

      Thank you for these great questions and I hope that I was able to answer them completely for you. The Harborage prides itself in being a good neighbor and partner with the City of St. Petersburg for several decades and hope we can count on your support on November 6th with a yes vote.

      Mario Farias


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