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The Harborage Marina at Bayboro is requesting a lease amendment from the City of St. Petersburg, at no cost to the City or taxpayers, to minimally expand the area of its submerged land lease with the City and extend its term to 30 years, which was the provision of the last referendum.

Dear Fellow Residents of St. Petersburg,

This year on November 6th we are faced with a very long ballot full of important offices and amendments, but we can’t forget on page 4 of the ballot there are 2 referendum items specifically for St. Petersburg residents. I am writing you concerning the last item which has to do with the Harborage Marina’s request to minimally expand the area of its submerged land lease with the city and to extend its term to the original 30 years previously allowed on the last referendum.

The Harborage Marina has been a perfect example on what is capable when a city and a private company work together for almost 4 decades. It provides a first-class marina to the city without any taxpayer participation while delivering an economic windfall to the city and all those who do business there. As of this moment there are over 180 independent contractors who conduct business in one way or another be it servicing and maintaining the boats or the marina itself.

With the addition of the Mega Yacht docks allowed in the last referendum in 2004 our city became the only city on the West Coast of Florida capable of offering a full-service facility for these boats which up until now were limited to the East Coast marinas. The lease of the submerged land for the mega yacht docks as well as the rest of the marina will net the city more than $370,000.00 in 2018.

The additional land will allow the building of a 200-foot breakwater floating dock which will serve to not only moor additional boats but a wave attenuator to calm the entire basin. The addition has received the approval and support of the Coast Guard as well as USFSP and various neighbors. This addition as well as the upgrading of the power and plumbing of the existing fixed breakwater will exceed over $2,000,000.00 with NO expense to the taxpayers of St. Petersburg. Much of the work will be done with St. Petersburg based companies like Marinetek and EMP Industries to further stimulate our economy.

Below is an image of the proposed expansion map where the red dotted lines mark the existing boundaries and the blue one marks the proposed one as well as a copy of the referendum itself. We hope your association and its members will support this referendum on November 6th.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns. I am available to speak to you in person. For additional information on the Harborage Marina, please visit: HarborageMarina.com


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